How Does a Budget Committee Work

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The budget committee is an important part of the city council. Say’s Dj Bettencourt, the budget committee gets input from all departments, and then proposes a budget to the entire city council.

The Budget Committee

The Budget Committee is a group of council members who meet to discuss the budget. The mayor appoints the members of this committee and it includes:

  • The mayor
  • The city manager or his/her representative (if one exists)
  • Council members representing at least two different wards (wards are districts within the city).

Annual Budget Cycle

The budget is one of the most important things that a city council does, therefore it’s crucial to understand how City Council meeting work.

The budget cycle begins in July, with an initial proposal from staff for a fiscal year (FY) 2020-2021 figure. The City Council holds public hearings on the draft budget and proposals in October and November. In December, they make their final decisions on the portions of the budget they want to change or keep as is, then pass an ordinance adopting their changes into law.

What Gets a Vote in the Budget Committee?

In the budget committee, a city council decides on how much money to spend and collect. Typically, the budget is broken into different sections that include items like public safety, education and social services.

Each of these sections will have their own vote in the committee. The total amount of money that the city spends or collects is also voted on as part of this process.

Is the Budget Committee Meeting Open to the Public?

Yes, the budget committee meeting is open to the public. You can attend a budget committee meeting in person or watch it on TV.

If you want to observe from the gallery, arrive early so you can get a seat before they are all taken. If there is no space left in the gallery and you want to speak at this meeting of the budget committee, you must make a request for special accommodation by calling (555) 555-1212 at least three days before your hearing date; however, this may not guarantee that space will be available for your attendance.

The budget is one of the most important things that a city council does, therefore it’s crucial to understand how City Council meeting work.

Every member of City Council has a duty to the city’s residents. This duty is called “fiduciary responsibility,” and it means that council members must act in the best interest of their constituents at all times. This includes protecting taxpayers by bringing up important issues during meetings.

The Budget Committee is responsible for reviewing the budget before it goes to full council meeting. In other words, they are charged with making sure that everything adds up so that there will be no surprises when you get your tax bill next year!


We hope this article has given you a better understanding of how the budget process works and we encourage you to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in your city government.

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