Exploring Salem, NH: Budget-Friendly Activities and Local Attractions

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Salem, New Hampshire is a charming city with many excellent museums and restaurants. It also boasts an extensive history of witchcraft and supernatural legends that make for a fun day trip for families or friends looking to spend time together.

Salisbury Beach State Park

Salisbury Beach State Park is located in Salisbury, MA and is open daily from 6am to 10pm. The park offers a beach as well as picnic areas and cabins for rent.

The park also offers several activities for visitors to enjoy including: swimming, fishing, boating (including canoeing), windsurfing and kiteboarding lessons.

Olde Burying Point Cemetery

  • Location: Olde Burying Point Cemetery, Salem, NH
  • Hours: Dawn until dusk
  • Cost: Free!
  • What to expect: The cemetery is the final resting place for many notable people in Salem’s history. You’ll find graves from the 1700s and 1800s as well as more recent burials (like my own great-great-grandfather). There are also some military veterans buried here who served their country during World War II, Korea and Vietnam. The cemetery is located right next to Rogers’ Cemetery which can be visited if you want another historical place to see while you’re visiting this historic town.

The Witch House Restaurant & Tasting Room

The Witch House Restaurant & Tasting Room is a great place to eat in Salem, NH. The restaurant offers a wide variety of food options including burgers and sandwiches, steaks and seafood. They even have gluten-free options! The prices are very reasonable too–you can get an entrée for under $15.

The Witch House Restaurant & Tasting Room is located at 21 North Street (Route 1A) in Salem, NH 03079; they’re open Monday through Thursday from 11:00am to 9:00pm; Friday from 11:00am until 10:00pm; Saturday from 10:30am until 10:00pm; and Sunday from 10:30am until 9:00pm.

There are many attractions in Salem, NH that are budget-friendly.

  • There are many attractions in Salem, NH that are budget-friendly.
  • Salisbury Beach State Park is one of the most popular destinations for residents and visitors alike. It has beautiful views of the ocean, as well as many other attractions such as hiking trails, playgrounds and picnic areas.
  • The Olde Burying Point Cemetery contains graves dating back to 1630s Salem Village (now Danvers). Among those buried here include former US President John Adams’ wife Abigail Smith Adams; Mary Dyer who was hanged by Puritans for being a Quaker; Samuel Sewall who helped prosecute three women accused of witchcraft during the infamous trials; Robert Keayne who donated land for buildings at Harvard University; Thomas Brattle Jr., an early settler whose descendants became prominent merchants in Boston during Colonial America’s heyday; William Hathorne–one of several men named after Judge John Hathorne whose name became synonymous with “witchcraft” duelling against another judge named Nathaniel Saltonstall over whether witches should be hanged or not (Saltonstall won).


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